We arrived at BOWRA with the 2016 Year List standing at 580.  That count had previously been achieved in 1999, when we had first topped the 500 species tally.  It had been helped along with birding trips to the USA, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Poland, Italy and Hong Kong.  Within Australia that same year, we had covered Sundown National Park, Mount Barney and Lady Elliot Island.

We departed BOWRA with the almost staggering Year List of 597 birds.  3 birds short of 600 – a figure almost beyond our birding horizons.

Could we break the 600 species in one year mark?

Last weekend we decided to cover Bribie Island; a place of gulls, terns and assorted waders.  We travelled via Deception Bay where we “ticked” Whimbrel [last recoded by us on 10 February 2015] and then Bar-tailed Godwit [last recorded in February 2010].  599.

The mega [600th bird] came in the form of the humbler Greater Crested Tern [last recorded in December 2014]

We had cracked to 600-species mark!

But there was more to come!  On Bribie Island itself we “ticked” Mangrove Gerygone [last recorded on my birthday back in 2009].  We moved to Buckley’s Hole where we gathered in Pied Oystercatcher [last recorded by us in Western Australia in September 2015 during our “Westward Ho! 2” trip].

At Scarborough, where we lunched with Ann Rogers and Dee McKenzie, we added Pacific Golden Plover [last recorded in December 2010] and Grey-tailed Tattler [last recorded in February 2015].

By the end of the Bribie Island jaunt our Year List tally peaked at 604 species; the only time we have crested the 600 species barrier.

The current 2016 Year List stands at 604 specie


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